Friday, June 22, 2018

Christmas trees fees in Sverdlovsk region relaxed this year

The Sverdlovsk region forestry department has announced the tariff structure for the cutting of wild trees for 2012 Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Many citizens of the Sverdlovsk region have historically preferred to extract their own holiday trees from the forest instead of purchasing convenient pre-cut trees, Mir66 reports.

Under the new fee structure, cutting down a spruce or pine tree from the Kamyshlovo or Irbit forests will cost consumers approximately $1 for a tree up to one meter tall. Spruce and pines up to two meters tall will cost approximately $1.70, while trees that are three to four meters tall will cost approximately $3.75.

In December 2011, the fee for harvesting a spruce tree from a Sverdlovsk regional forest soared to nearly $5 for one meter of wood.

Those who wish to select a tree from the forest will first need to submit an application to the forestry department and then pay the appropriate fee to a bank. Customers will be advised by the forestry department what region of the forest they may use to harvest their tree, Mir66 reports.