Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg resident wins lottery prize worth $162,000

Yekaterinburg resident Catherine Kiranova recently won the $162,000 Russian jackpot with winning numbers selected by her youngest son.

Kiranova, a false name used at the winner's request, has been habitually playing the Russian lottery for some time. As Kiranova was entering the lottery online one morning, her youngest son Andrew began arbitrarily pounding keys on the computer's keyboard. The mother decided not to change the resulting numerical sequence, Mir66 reports.

Kiranova and her son together picked the winning numbers for the Russian lottery's $162,000 jackpot.

Kiranova said that she'll put approximately $33,000 in a trust fund for Andrew. The rest she plans to spend on decorating her childrens' rooms or the purchase of a new apartment for the family, according to Mir66.

As of yet, the Gosloto lottery has not yet found the winner of its $2.8 million jackpot that was drawn December 1. Per Gosloto policy, the winning ticket holder has 180 days to collect the prize.