Thursday, June 21, 2018

International family film festival comes to Urals

Family Circle, the seventh annual festival of international family and children's films, has begun in Yekaterinburg.

Taking part in the festival is Polish director Krysztof Zanussi, who has received several accolades for producing films and live performances celebrating family values. At the festival's opening, Zanussi said that he is glad that, "in Russia there are talented actors who are willing to support...'Family Circle,'" according to

This year's Family Circle festival includes more than 50 documentaries, animated films and children's films from across 15 countries.

Igor Blackhead created a film entitled "Hollywood Trash" specifically for the festival. Well-known American actors participated in "Hollywood Trash".

Festival president Irinia Alferov stars in a life performance of "Educating Rita" that will run during the festival. Alferov hopes that the play will have leave a lasting impression on the audience, reports.

Family Circle was created to address what the festival's organized perceived to be a loss of family values in society and in the media. The festival's goal is to present entertainment for the entire family that refrains from violence of crude humor.