Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sverdlovsk region to privatize poultry farms

Sverdlovsk officials are currently conducting audits of regional poultry farms as they prepare to sell off all state-owned assets of the farms to private entities.

As of now, the Sverdlovsk regional government is focusing on the privatization of four poultry operations that it plans to sell in the next two years. Aleksei Pyankov, the minister for state asset management, said that the Sverdlovskaya and Pervouralskaya poultry operations will be up for auction in 2013. The sale of the Reftinskaya and Sredneuralskaya factories is set to occur in 2014, according to

Private companies seeking to purchase any of the four poultry factories in the next several years must agree not to dismiss any employees within the first year of ownership. In exchange, the state is investigating equipment upgrades in the factories prior to their sale in an effort to attract prospective buyers.

In addition to its poultry operations, the Sverdlovsk regional government is taking steps to privatize its construction machinery rental firm SUE Monetny Shchebenochny Zavod in 2013. The government plans to first transform the firm into a joint-stock company, divest non-core assets,= and sell it altogether in the coming year.

In total, 2013 privatizations should amount to approximately $97.6 million in income for the region. Privatizations in 2014 will contribute more than $100 million to the regional budget, reports.