Monday, June 18, 2018

Yekaterinburg assesses physical activity of residents

Members of Yekaterinburg's Standing Committee for Education, Science, Physical Education, Sports and Youth Affairs gave a presentation this week on the progress of the long-term program for the development of physical culture and sports in the municipality.

The city duma said that this year will see the completion of a football arena in Ordzhonikidze district and a sports and recreation center with an ice rink in Chkalovsky district, with a similar structure to be built in the Leninsky district, reports.

Additionally, repairs will be made to a children's sports school on Kuibyshev St. and at a junior sports school in the Chkalovsky district. The total number of sports institutions is set to increase by 18 units and will increase capacity to 43,000 people.

Indicators of the program's effectiveness show that the proportion of citizens systematically involved in sports was at 25 percent. The number of children and adolescents aged six-to-15 years who were regularly engaged in physical activity was at 46 percent, according to

The program is also encouraging the creation of a network of websites for sports schools and sports facilities to make information about them more accessibly to the community. This includes an interactive map of sports facilities in the city.