Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chef's lost cookbook found

French two-star Michelin chef Thierry Drapeau has recovered the cookbook that he reported missing in November while giving a masterclass in Yekaterinburg.

The book, which contained recipes the chef developed over 20 years of visiting Russia, was found by a Yekaterinburg woman in a local park, according to

Following the cookbook's disappearance, members of the Russian culinary community issued statements urging Yekaterinburg locals to help find the book and offered a $13,000 reward for its recovery. Russian chefs felt particularly responsible for the mishap as Drapeau was an invited guest to the region.

The local woman who found the missing book was paid the reward by a Yekaterinburg restaurateur who hosted Drapeau.

Upon reuniting with his lost cookbook, Drapeau expressed his sincere gratitude towards Yekaterinburg, which he describes as, "a town where the people are good and ready to help others who are in a tight spot," according to