Saturday, June 23, 2018

Housing organization in Yekaterinburg to picket for more funding

At noon on November 22, a protest conducted by the "Young Family" program will be held at the monument of Tatischev de Gennin in Yekaterinburg.

The goal of the event is to draw the attention of the Yekaterinburg authorities to the problem of low funding for the "Young Family" program. The picketers need increased funding so they can provide housing for young families, Mir66 reports.

The organization currently offers subsidies for apartments in the Sverdlovsk region, helping provide housing to 300 families. With increased funding, it can accommodate the more than 5,000 families on their waiting list.

Organizers of the rally worry that the waiting time for openings in the program are at an average of 17 years. Additionally, the organizers are critical of a stipulation that removes families once one of the spouses reaches the age of 36, according to Mir66.