Friday, July 20, 2018

Accident leaves many in Nizhny Tagil without heat

Dozens of homes in the Nizhny Tagil district were left without heat after an accident involving a truck and a heat pipeline.

On November 16, a truck got caught on a heating line 500 millimeters in diameter that had been heating homes and public facilities, including a kindergarten. It is not clear as to the circumstances that caused the truck to come into contact with the heating line, Oblgazeta reports.

Heat was restored to the northern settlement at the Reserve branch, though not all homes had their heat repaired immediately.

A total of four apartment buildings, one nursery and 36 private homes were without heat for approximately 16 hours. Working with fuel and energy companies, head of the energy administration Alexey Rybin helped return heat to the houses in the north of the village, Oblgazeta reports.

It was approximately two degrees below zero in temperature outside, Rybin said.