Saturday, June 23, 2018

Urals museum discovers original Rubens painting in archives

An original painting by Peter Paul Rubens is believed to have been discovered in a small-town museum in the Urals mountain regions.

It was assumed that the painting, titled "Mary Magdalene in Mourning With Her Sister Martha," was a copy. Restoration has revealed, though, that it is "undoubtedly" an original by the 17th century Flemish painter, museum director Valery Karpov said, Art and Coin TV reports.

The painting was unveiled in the museum on November 15 in the small town of Irbit, which is approximately 124 miles from Yekaterinburg.

Viktor Korobov, the head of painting restoration from the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, examined the painting on Thursday, saying it was "undoubtedly an original, created with the participation of Rubens' pupils," Art and Coin TV reports.

The face of Mary Magdalene and her arms are believed to have been painted by Rubens himself, while the figure of her sister could have been painted by pupils in his large workshop.

The painting was given to the provincial museum by the Hermitage in 1975. The painting was kept in museum archives and in poor condition. State funding to restore the painting was received last year.