Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yekaterinburg gives giant statue to Chinese sister city of Guangzhou

In a November 13 unveiling ceremony in China's Yuntai Park, Guangzhou mayor Chen Jianhua revealed a replica of the Europe Asia statue that stands in Yekaterinburg.

The replica was a gift from Yekaterinburg to Guangzhou, its sister city located in the People's Republic of China. Made of steel, the sculpture measures 100 centimeters long, 100 centimeters wide and 250 centimeters high. The statue is a monument to the Europe/Asian border located just outside of Yekaterinburg. The base of the statue is inscribed with the words, "Yekaterinburg, Europe and Asia", along with Yekaterinburg's city emblem, LifeofGuangzhou.com reports.

Bristol, Guangzhou's U.K. sister city, also contributed a replica statue to Yuntai's Park. The Brunel Gorilla statue, originally created to raise awareness of the protection of gorillas, was replicated and given to Guangzhou in time for the November 13 ceremony.

Leaders from Yekaterinburg, Bristol and Guangzhou gathered in Yuntai Park for the ceremony to celebrate past and future economic and cultural cooperation among the cities, according to LifeofGuangzhou.com.