Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk region governor appointed chair of committee to solve Urals' kindergarten crisis

Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evengeny Kuyvashev will chair the board of directors of the Corporation for Development of Middle Urals following a meeting of the Board of Investment on November 15.

The corporation was assembled, in part, to solve the kindergarten shortage in the Urals that has plagued the region for years. According to Kuyvashev, the Corporation for Development of Middle Urals is under a mandate from Russia's president to obtain land and building resources to accommodate more preschool students by 2016, reports.

Kuyvashev's committee has already been given its first assignment - one week to draft a solution to identify areas where new schools can be built. As a result, each municipality head within the Urals was charged with submitting a list of plots of land within their region where development could occur.

The project will be financed through loans from large Russian banks. Members of the Corporation for Development of Middle Urals estimate that the expansion project's first phase of constructing 100-120 kindergartens will cost approximately $4.13 million. The financial plan requires no additional funding from the regional budget, according to

Alexei Bagaryakov, the governor's administration director, said that each municipality will provide plots of land on which the schools can be built. The region will finance the construction of the buildings and lease the completed kindergartens back to the municipality with an option to purchase. Under the arrangement, analysts say, the shortage of kindergartens can be solved in as little as two or three years.