Monday, June 25, 2018

Yekaterinburg Theater school fails evaluation

The interdepartmental committee of the Ministry of Education recently included the Yekaterinburg Theater on its list of inefficient institutions subject to reorganization.

The news has stirred up the cultural community of the Urals capital. A representative from the school said that it passed the licensing and accreditation tests, as well as a comprehensive test of the school's business activity. The school said that it is being judged on criteria irrelevant to its work and that the latest round of inspection negates the results of the licensing and accreditation, Oblgazeta reports.

There are only seven theater schools in Russia, several of which were in the "red zone" after examination.

The schools are judged on average scores of CSE students and on the number of students with foreign passports.

Founder and artistic director of Kolyada Theatre Nikolay Kolyada first brought attention to the story. He said that theatrical institutions cannot apply the same standard methods of evaluating the effectiveness of education and added that the school has helped bring the talents of its students to the national and even international level, according to Oblgazeta.