Monday, June 18, 2018

New apartment building in Yekaterinburg lacks heat and hot water

A commission has been established in Yekaterinburg in order to save a new apartment building on Vinca St. in the European neighborhood.

The company that developed the building, Arkobiznes, had not attached gas to the complex. Without a gas supply, the building did not have hot water or heating, Mir66 reports.

The city's Emergency Commission called an emergency meeting, ordering Arkobiznes to get the technical requirements together for connecting the building to the gas distribution network. They demanded that the building be up to date so as to prevent further emergencies.

The commission also ordered Ekaterinburggaz to connect the boiler and supply gas by November 16. Additionally, the management company, European District, was ordered to provide heat to the residents of the building by November 17.

The building passed inspection in October. It was later reported that the gas pipe supplying fuel to the boiler to heat the building should be larger in diameter. The developer decided not to alter the piping, Ekaterinburggaz refused to connect the pipe to the boiler room and the management company did nothing about it, according to Mir66.

An investigation is being held on suspicion that the criminal code was violated on terms of failure to provide public services.

In the interim, residents are borrowing water from neighboring buildings.