Thursday, June 21, 2018

Music school fined for violations

An audit was conducted on the Sverdlovsk region for its handling of the Sverdlovsk Region Musical Aesthetic Training College.

The college allegedly violated children's rights, including children with disabilities. It was discovered in March that the college did not have on staff a doctor or general medical care or a speech therapist. As a result, there is no record of the health and care the school took toward its disabled students, Mir66 reports.

The prosecutor's office of the district of Yekaterinburg made an investigation at the college in October. Production manager Tatyana Vasilyeva was subsequently fired and the nutritionist Love Ryzhkov was disciplined. Additionally, a legal entity of the school was fined $630.

It was also discovered that the school misused funds of the regional budget allocated for repairs at the college. The college is located in an old building originally built as a church school. The Orthodox Church demanded that the music college move out because the building belonged to the church before the revolution.

A compromise was made between the school and the church, which will share space in the building so as to not put musicians out on the street, according to Mir66.