Thursday, June 21, 2018

Drunk police officer steals car in Serov

Police detained a police officer Lower Tours on November 13 for driving drunk and evading police in the Sverdlovsk city of Serov.

Tours, who was in town for business, climbed into a Mazda6 that was being driven by a local woman. The woman ran out of the car, which had been idling at the intersection of Victory and Karl Liebknecht, Mir66 reports.

The woman contacted the authorities. who then put patrolmen on the lookout for foreign cars. The Mazda turned up after 15 minutes. The driver tried to escape but was apprehended.

Tours is currently in custody at the local department of internal affairs, Mir66 reports.

Mikhail Borodin, the chief of the MOI of Russia for the Sverdlovsk region, said that he has ordered the dismissal of the officer. An investigation will also be conducted, as will disciplinary action. The traffic police who apprehended the thief will be honored.