Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sverdlovsk regional governor cancels search operations for missing An-2 plane

On Wednesday, November 13, the Sverdlovsk regional governor cancelled search and rescue operations for a plane that disappeared after taking off from the town of Serov in June.

The An-2, which was allegedly hijacked by 13 policemen and their friends, departed without permission from the runway and vanished immediately after, the Moscow News reports.

In response to the incident, 1,500 emergency staff members and 13 aircraft were deployed to search for and rescue the missing police. Sverdlovsk governor Denis Pasler cited the worsening weather conditions and the increasing amount of snow covering the ground for the decision to end search operations after five months.

During the months-long search and rescue operations, crews were able to recover another aircraft that had been missing since the 1980s, as well as the fragments of a crashed Mi-8 aircraft. The only sign of the missing policemen and their company were abandoned cars left near the runway. The cars were filled with empty alcohol bottles and cellular phones, according to the Moscow News.

Among those who went missing in the aircraft was Serov's traffic police chief Dmitry Ushakov. Others included local policemen, their family and friends.

Officials suspect the missing party may have left for a fishing trip or to enjoy a Russian-style sauna in a nearby region.