Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg band releases second album

The Yekaterinburg-based band Gorodok Chekistov recently released its sophomore album, "Pustota" (Emptiness).

The members of the band came together in 2009 after playing in some short-lived noise experimental lineups, drummer Sergei Panasenkov said, the Moscow News reports.

"Those experiments didn't do any good, and we decided to form a new band and play fashionable youth music," Panasenkov said, according to the Moscow News.

The band 's name, Gorodok Chekistov, is translated as "a town of Chekists," a name they say has no political connotations.

"That's an architectural complex in the center of our city, and we used to hang out there a lot," guitarist Alexei Bychkov said, the Moscow News reports.

Some critics have compared Gorodok Chekistov's music to Tsentr and Kino, though the Yekaterinburg musicians say they were inspired by local acts like Mr. Credo and 4 Pozitsy Bruno.

"But we weren't influenced by anyone that much," Panasenkov said, the Moscow News reports. "We just wanted to make some music that could prove to be interesting. We didn't really plan or discuss anything. Whatever came out, came out."

The band uses old analog keyboards, giving their music a distinct sound.

"We can only afford those old keyboards, so we use them," Bychkov said, according to the Moscow News. "But they sound pretty good."

The band also deviates from traditional song structures, though they say this isn't intentional.