Friday, July 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg roads covered in puddles and mud

Authorities in Yekaterinburg have been unable to deal with the dilapidated condition of the city's roads, which are covered in puddles, dirty snow and muddy slush.

City Hall claims that cleaning will continue throughout the colder seasons, New Region reports.

Dennis Sukhorukov, a spokesman with the city administration, said that the city employs 317 workers and 120 vehicles to try to remove the dirt, snow and puddles. He blamed the weather for the lethargic pace of the road work.

"(It) continues to snow at night, (and) work on roads (is) difficult," Sukhorukov said, according to New Region.

Yekaterinburg citizens are not satisfied with the condition of the roads and sidewalks for vehicles and pedestrians. Some said that the administration is being disingenuous when it comes to the amount of work being done in an effort to clean the city.

One citizen alleged that the government only pretends to put money into cleaning and then misdirects the funds to other areas.

Other citizens voiced complaints about GPS special equipment and snow removal training in the area, New Region reports.