Friday, June 22, 2018

Kvachkov to be tried in open trial

The Moscow city court will hold an open trial for retired GRU colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, who stands accused of planning to organize an armed uprising.

According to Kvachkov's attorney Oksana Mikhalkina, the trial will be open and only classified materials will be looked at behind closed doors, Itar-Tass reports.

Kvachkov did not answer when the judge asked him whether or not he admitted his guilt.

On Friday, two witnesses will be questioned behind closed doors in the court, Mikhalkina said, according to Itar-Tass.

Kvachkov and another defendant, Alexander Kiselyov, are charged with attempting to organize an armed rebellion and recruiting or involving persons in terrorism activities. Kiselyov has also been charged with illegal possession of arms and explosives.

Kvachkov said that the accusations are "concocted," Itar-Tass reports.

Kvachkov was arrested based on testimony given by a leader in his organization, People's Militia. Kvachkov said that the leader of the Togliatti branch of the organization was arrested in 2010, making a confession 10 days leader that led to the arrest of the colonel.

Kvachkov previously was involved in a case over an assassination attempt on former RAO UES company head Anatoly Chubais. He was acquitted and received $14,200 in compensation from the state for wrongful prosecution.