Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg consumer successfully sues Groupon RUS and Photo Salon K

A Yekaterinburg consumer recently filed a successful lawsuit against Groupon RUS and Photo Salon K after purchasing a deal for 100 photos that was never delivered.

In December, the consumer bought an online coupon for approximately $6.30 from Groupon RUS that was good for 100 printed photos from Photo Salon K. After buying the coupon, the consumer ordered the service and the photos were purportedly printed three days later. A month after the order, the photos were still not delivered, European-Asian News reports.

The consumer failed to get any response from Photo Salon K about her photographs. A representative with Groupon RUS promised to look into the issue but the plaintiff fit not receive the photos nor a refund.

The plaintiff went to another photo shop to have the pictures printed for approximately $11.09. In February, she demanded a refund from Groupon RUS and Photo Salon K for poor service along with restitution and the payment of a penalty.

Initially, her claims were thrown out by one court, but the World Court Judicial District number five of Yekaterinburg's Kirov District decided against Groupon RUS. The court ordered Groupon RUS to pay for the failed service, losses by the plaintiff, a penalty and moral damages totaling approximately $39.55.

The court also fined Groupon RUS $41.46 in penalties to pay to the state and federal budget, European-Asian News.