Monday, June 18, 2018

Lawsuit against City Without Drugs will be heard December 12

The Sverdlovsk Region Commercial Court will hold a hearing on December 12 as part of the lawsuit to invalidate the free use of premises for the City Without Drugs foundation.

The foundation first occupied the premises in central Yekaterinburg approximately 13 years ago. In August 2011, the Sverdlovsk regional government gave the organization free use of the building until 2020, Rapsi reports.

In October, the directorate of the State Property Management sector of the Ministry of the Sverdlovsk region filed a lawsuit to evict the organization and invalidate the contract. The ministry is demanding that City Without Drugs vacate the premises.

Prior to the lawsuit, the prosecutor's office for the region submitted an application to have violations rectified related to how the building is used. The office allegedly found multiple violations in the transaction that gave the foundation free use of the location.

Law enforcement officials are investigating three criminal cases related to the activities of the foundation. The cases include the death of a drug addict who voluntarily went to the foundation for rehabilitation, a case of illegal imprisonment and a case of assault, Rapsi reports.

Mikhail Prokhorov, the metals oligarch and political figure, released a blog post on Saturday claiming a Friday raid on the facility was politically motivated.

"Realizing that he is unlikely to retain his post in an honest political battle, the governor decided to discredit the more popular candidates," Prokhorov said, according to RIA Novosti.