Friday, July 20, 2018

Housing prices rise in Yekaterinburg

Recent data shows that the average price of one-square-meter of housing available on the existing housing market in Yekaterinburg now comes to $2,194.

The growth rate for the market has stayed the same since August and now stays within approximately 0.2 percent a week. Housing on the whole has grown 8.4 percent more expensive since the beginning of the year, Ural Business Consulting reports.

Supply has been increasing over the last two months after a summer of stability. The number of apartments on the market has increased by four percent. Supply has risen by 36 percent, with 1,900 new apartments since January 1,.

The Ural Real Estate Chamber's Analytical Department reported the numbers, adding that its database currently amounts to 7,200 apartments with 550 to 660 newly listed each week.

Prices have risen most rapidly in Yekaterinburg's most expensive area for the last four weeks. The average figure rose by 2.7 percent, reaching $1,597 per square meter. The price of centrally located housing went up as well, rising by 1.3 percent in the city's most expensive area, reaching $2,795 per square meter on average. In the next expensive area, prices rose 0.4 percent, coming to $2,000 per square meter on average. In the fourth most expensive area, prices remained at $1,872 per square meter, according to Ural Business Consulting.