Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg group wins "Battle of the Choirs"

Victoria, a choir group from Yekaterinburg, won the popular Russian TV show "Battle of the Choirs" this week.

The Yekaterinburg choir defeated a team from Novosibirsk in a dramatic final battle in which the teams had to perform a song by their rival coach. Victoria won by a score of 165,091 votes to 131,568 votes in the final tally, Oblgazeta.ru reports.

The team won a prize of approximately $31,816. A representative for the team, however, made it clear that just being on the show and winning was more important than money.

"Of course, the project met my expectations," Victoria Garipova, one of the choir members, said, according to Oblgazeta.ru. "Participation in the Battle of the Choirs to me (was) a great experience. Here a team of true professionals and they have taught us a lot. Of course, I assumed that there would be, but (it was much more serious) and more fun than I could have imagined. We have always been close to famous people in the Russian show business - it's great. Of course, we have worked very hard. Rehearsals have started at nine in the morning and ended just closer to the night."

The team is back to the rehearsal room for a gala concert featuring the best performances from the show planned for Sunday, Oblgazeta.ru reports.