Friday, September 21, 2018

Drivers complain about Operation Bacchus

Drivers in Yekaterinburg complained on Tuesday about the first day of Operation Bacchus, a city-wide operation meant to detect drunk drivers and get them off the road.

The operation required the use of as many as 700 traffic police who used checkpoints to determine if drivers were intoxicated. The drivers complained about the extra congestion caused by the police operation, stating that the entrances to Yekaterinburg and the central streets were blocked, UralWeb reports.

The drivers were not frustrated with the cause of the raid itself, just the large number of stops they had to go through with their vehicles.

Adding to the traffic issue was the weather during the first day of the operation. Yekaterinburg experienced snowfall on Tuesday and the Russian Ministry of the Interior issued a special appeal to drivers not to travel unless necessary. The MOI said that if residents must drive, they should do so at the speed limit and while equipping their vehicles with winter tires.

According to traffic police, there are already 14,000 recorded traffic violations in the city this year related to drunk driving. The number of drivers caught intoxicated during the first day of Operation Bacchus was not known.

According to Administrative Code, Article 12.8, intoxicated drivers can lose their privilege to drive for 1.5 to three years, UralWeb reports.