Saturday, February 24, 2018

Protestors demand resignation of Yekaterinburg city manager

Environmental protestors at Yekaterinburg's City Hall demanded the job of Alexander Jacob, the city manager, on Friday because of excessive deforestation in the Ural capital.

Sergei Kirillov, one of the protestors, cited data showing that Yekaterinburg annually destroys approximately 100 acres of forest. Kirillov said that, in fact, the city is destroying twice as much forest, UralWeb reports.

"Officially, you are told that traders have to plant instead of a felled tree two new ones, and this is taking place, but in fact the environment is getting worse - it cut down a large, mature tree, which has thousands of leaves, and a new wand, which they sent to prison, three orders of magnitude worse than the same function," Kirillov said, according to UralWeb.

Kirillov also said that the deforestation in the area is contributing to child mortality. He said that the lack of trees raised the number of environmental diseases in the area.

"I watched the statistics - there is 15 times more children (that) suffer from obvious environmental illnesses - asthma, bronchitis, allergic - all because of the deteriorating environmental conditions," Kirillov said, according to UralWeb.

The protestors said that City Hall representatives came out to speak with them but not about the environmental issues. Instead, the representatives warned the protestors that if they came within 30 meters of the building, they would be fined.