Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Police search City Without Drug fund's facilities

Investigators are looking into several addresses linked to the Yekaterinburg-based City Without Drugs fund, according to Maxim Chalkov of the Sverdlovsk region's top investigative agency.

Chalkov said the fund's office, a drug rehabilitation center for men and the fund leader's apartment were all searched, Interfax reports.

A source in the regional police said that it took 10 minutes before the search could begin because people had barricaded themselves in the drug rehabilitation center, preventing the police from entering.

A search was also done of fund vice president Yevgeny Malenkin's apartment, according to City Without Drugs lawyer Anastasia Uderevskaya.

The search follows the arrest of Igor Shabalin, an employee of a City Without Drugs rehabilitation facility, who was charged with illegally confining six women.

Shabalin allegedly held the women at the rehabilitation center in the town of Sarapulka against their will through 2012, Interfax reports.

An investigation is also underway into the death of a patient of a City Without Drugs rehabilitation facility. Tatyana Kazantseva was taken to a hospital on June 8 after she felt unwell and died nine days later. No one has been charged in connection with Kazantseva's death as of yet.