Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Agreement signed to support foreign economic projects in Sverdlovsk Region

Sverdlovsk Region Governor Evgeny Kulvashev has signed an agreement with Russia's Economic Development Ministry to support the Sverdlovsk Region's foreign economic projects in efforts to attract investments in the area.

The governor will also take part in the ministry panel meeting, Ural Business Consulting reports.

The country's Economic Development Ministry is trying to make the presence of Russia's trade representation in other states more visible, with a focus on the promotion of specific projects proposed by Russian federal constituencies.

The agreement will be dedicated to the development of passports for the projects and the coordination of efforts to build foreign economic ties.

The Sverdlovsk Region has experience in foreign economic cooperation as well as an existing legislative base for supporting investment and export activity and for liaising with trade representations. Additionally, the region is looking to support economic projects like the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone. Federal authorities have an interest in the region, with hopes of hosting high-profile international events there, including the world computer programming championships, the World Cup 2018, and EXPO 2020 Universal Exhibition. The signing of the agreement will assist in the efforts, Ural Business Consulting reports.