Friday, June 22, 2018

Russian Ministry of Health evicts Yekaterinburg eye surgeon

The Russian Ministry of Health successfully secured a court order to abolish the supplementary agreement on a building lease for the Intersectoral Research and Technology Complex, an eye microsurgery facility.

The ministry was unsuccessful in its first attempt to evict the surgeon from the building when the Sverdlovsk region arbitration court dismissed the case. The 17th appellate court sided with the ministry in the later case, European-Asian News reports.

The plaintiff argued that the additional agreement the IRTC made with the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Sverdlovsk region was invalid.

"The owner has the discretion to perform with respect to his property to any action not inconsistent with the law and other regulations, including to alienate his property in the property to others, pass them, while remaining the owner of the rights of possession, use and disposal property, give property as collateral and to burden it in other ways, - stated the court," the plaintiff said, according to European-Asian News. "A budget organization without the consent of the owner is not entitled to dispose of high-value personal property. "

Conflict over the center began in the fall of 2011 when Hristo Tahchidi, the head of the IRTC, was dismissed after multiple complaints from staff and patients. Tahchidi also allegedly engaged in illegal business activities.

After Tahchidi was discharged, he went to court for wrongful dismissal and was reinstated as head of the complex on April 18. Two days later, Tahchidi was fired again and subsequently filed an additional lawsuit, European-Asian News reports.