Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg clears city center of advertising

Major companies looking to hawk their products in the center of Yekaterinburg are out of luck as the city published a new ordinance to rid the area of bulky advertising structures.

The city published the "Vecherniy Yekaterinburg," a document that expressly prohibits certain types of advertising in the city. Billboards and supersites between three and six meters wide were banned from close to 60 alleys and streets, including Sverdlov, Lenin, Gorky, Gogol, Vojvodina, Weiner, Turgenev, Tolmachev, Karl Marx and Boris Yeltsin, European-Asian News reports.

Other areas of town that will be rid of advertising including the 1905, Defense of the Russian Army and the Kirov.

Certain types of advertising will also be removed from the areas bounded by Malyshev, Karl Liebknecht, Working Waterfront Youth-Nikonov and Weiner-Lenin-March 8, according to European-Asian News.

Another type of advertising that will be limited is media on the sides of buildings with historical and cultural heritage.

The prohibitive measures are meant to optimize the amount of advertising designs and to preserve and improve the city's architectural image, European-Asian News reports.