Friday, June 22, 2018

Sverdlovsk traffic cops busted for drug possession

Russian federal officials for the Sverdlovsk region arrested two traffic police officers this week in Pervouralsk for possession of drugs, according to the Sverdlovsk branch of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Mikhail Borodin, the chief of the MOI of Russia for the Sverdlovsk region, ordered the service check of police officers throughout the region. Borodin said the two employees will be fired. The officers were found to possess 1.783 grams of drugs, which would make them eligible for a severe punishment, JustMedia reports.

Borodin said the two officers' managers will receive a strict assessment and disciplinary actions. All police officers will be tested for drug possession and use.

"MOI Russia for Sverdlovsk Region will cooperate fully with the investigating authorities and UFSKN (Russia's Federal Drug Control Service) in operational support and investigation of the crime," the MOI said, according to JustMedia.

Local officials hosted an anti-drug rally in June to encourage citizens to take to the streets in the anti-drug cause. Komsomolskaya Pravda, a representative of the Red Cross, said that the youth of Yekaterinburg are at high risk from drugs, reports.

"We want to attract people's attention to the problems of drug abuse," Pravda said, according to "More and more young people now are at risk, and it is for them, we want to make this rally and tell (them) 'no' to drugs."