Sunday, July 15, 2018

Yekaterinburg officials ask for help in catching contract killer

Russian federal authorities and local police are asking for help in tracking down Vyacheslav Pryamonosova, a member of the federal wanted list who is suspected in the involvement of six contract murders.

Pryamonosova is of medium height and medium build with straight, light red hair, a round face, blond eyebrows, thin lips, a straight nose, an oval head and a short haircut. The suspect has congenital heart disease, Interfax reports.

Pryamonosova, a former Kurgan region resident who is also suspected of robbery, allegedly made a living killing business competitors for a crime boss with his younger brother.

"When the company announced new owners of Yekaterinburg, the impact of the criminal leader of the financial and economic activity of the plant has practically disappeared, and he turned to his brother Pryamonosova so that they have eliminated its business competitors," the MOI said, according to Interfax.

The brothers allegedly killed the business owners, got rid of the weapons and received approximately $23,000 for their efforts.

Vyacheslav Pryamonosova's younger brother was arrested and convicted of the killings, while the older Pryamonosova remains at large, Interfax reports.