Friday, July 20, 2018

Ural students advance through programming competition quarterfinals

Students from Ural Federal University recently advanced through the quarterfinals of a major worldwide programming contest in the Ural region, according to the Sverdlovsk regional government.

Fifty-one teams from locations throughout Russia attended the quarterfinals, including teams from the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and Orenburg regions, the Republic of Komi, the Perm region and Udmurtia and Bashkortostan. The top two teams, which tied for first place, were from Ural Federal Universit, reports.

Fifteen of the teams earned the right to participate in the semifinals of the competition for the North-Eastern European region, which will be held in St. Petersburg on December 1. The same venue will host the finals between June 30 and July 3.

Four of the 15 teams moving on were from Ural Federal University.

Warsaw selected Yekaterinburg as a potential destination for one of the rounds in 2016. Also in the running for the championship round in 2016 were Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Phuket, Thailand and Amritapuri, India.

In July, Yekaterinburg representatives in the contest visited William Paucher, the ACM-ICPC executive director of the university competition, in an effort to make a case for Yekaterinburg as a site for the competition. Paucher praised the city's proposal and the prospects of future development of Yekaterinburg as a location for the event, reports.