Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Huge pizza served to honor cooks

Pizza lovers in Yekaterinburg were able to indulge their cravings on Saturday when a giant pizza was served in honor of International Day of the Cook at the regional market.

The 32-foot-long pizza was prepared by several different cooks who were required to knead the dough and prepare the delicacy over the course of a few hours. While there were many recipes the cooks could have chosen for the popular pie, they decided to cook a margherita pizza, Interfax reports.

The celebrated chefs chose to distinguish their pizza by not making it round, as is common among professional cooks. The pizza was made into a rectangular shape, which is common when the world-renowned dish is homemade.

The regional market announced the celebration of the cooks with a press release and an invitation for locals to join in the festivities.

"(This) huge pizza (should) become a symbol of professional achievement of the culinary community of Yekaterinburg and delicious treats for the guests of the market," the regional market said, according to Interfax.

The pizza was placed on display for visitors to the regional market and all were invited for a party to celebrate the cooks on hand, Interfax reports.