Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tourist sues insurance company in Yekaterinburg

A Yekaterinburg man who was injured in an accident in Egypt is suing his insurance company for failing to pay for his week-long hospital visit.

Alexander Koskov was visiting Egypt in April with some friends on a scuba diving trip. A few hours before he planned to leave for the airport at the end of the trip, he slipped on the marble stairs of his hotel and broke both his legs, as well as a heel, calf and thigh, Kp.ru reports.

Koskov required surgery. While under the influence of pain killers, he was told in Arabic and English that the insurance company refused to pay for the treatment. He was forced to pay for the entire week at the hospital at a price of nearly $1,000 per day.

Upon returning home, Koskov spent two months in a local hospital in Yekaterinburg.

The insurance company concluded that Koskov was intoxicated when the accident occurred, purportedly relieving the company of responsibility for the accident. Koskov claims there is no evidence that he was drunk.

At what was supposed to be the first meeting between Koskov and the insurance company, nobody from the company attended the hearing.

Koskov is suing the company for more than $16,000 to cover hospital costs and pay for moral damages, Kp.ru reports.