Thursday, July 19, 2018

Turkey plans ambassadorial office in Yekaterinburg

Turkey plans to open ambassadorial offices for trade in Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar some time in the near future.

The Russian Cabinet ordered its Foreign Ministry to send approval to open the ambassadorial offices to Turkey. The local governments for the Sverdlovsk region and the Krasnodar territory were also ordered to resolve any issues related to the establishment of the offices, reports.

Trade may not be the only thing Turkey and Yekaterinburg have in common. They are both the settings for imported television shows adapted from American programs to more local tastes, Bloomberg reports.

In its Russian adaptation, the American show "Married...With Children" will change characters Peg and Al Bundy into Gena and Dasha who live in Yekaterinburg instead of Chicago. In Turkey, broadcasters have adapted "Desperate Housewives," moving the characters from Wisteria Lane to Gul Street in Istanbul.

Broadcasters in Turkey, Russia and other emerging markets are increasingly adding locally produced versions of shows licensed from U.S. studios.

"Right now we see that in the Middle East, the TV world has an exploding appetite for everything," Andrea Wong, the president of international production at Sony Pictures Television, said, according to Bloomberg.

Guy Bisson, the television research director for IHS Screen Digest, said that many foreign TV markets will expand as Western markets continue to mature.

"Russia, Turkey, Latin America are moving from a small offer of TV or cable to a large choice of channels and new pay-TV platforms," Bisson said, according to Bloomberg.