Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg announces several new one way streets

Yekaterinburg city officials met on Wednesday to discuss a change of several city two way streets into one way streets in an effort to streamline movement and increase road network capacity.

Eugene Lipovich, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg's Beautification, Transport and Environment Department, held the working meeting on the changing status of multiple roads. Eugene Seletkova, the director of the MBU traffic management center, said that introducing the roads would improve the traffic conditions in the city, Ekburg.ru reports.

Mamin-Siberian St. will now be one way from Azina to Kuibyshev. Bazhova St. will be a one-way between Karl Markas and Shartashskaya. Michurina St. will be one way from Shartashkaya to May. Shartashskaya will be one way from Bazhova to Michurina. Turgenev St. will be one way from Lenin to May Day and Krasnoarmeiskaya St. will be a one-way street from Malyshev to Lenin.

Other streets changing to one-way include Bali Kitty from Enthusiasts to Bauman St. and Kolmogorov from Odinarki through Machinists.

New movement in the streets is the result of them being wide enough to safely endure multi-directional flow.

According to calculations from government transportation experts, the changing of the traffic patterns should reduce transportation intensity in the center of the city.

City officials are working in conjunction with transportation officials to establish when the one-way changes will take effect, according to Ekburg.ru.