Sunday, June 17, 2018

Top three Sverdlovsk electronic installers are women

Three women were named the top installers of electronic equipment and devices at the Automation Technical School as part of a regional competition of professional skills, according to the Sverdlovsk government.

Twelve companies from around Russia, including military industrial complexes and engineering companies, came to watch the installers go to work. Eighteen people were people involved in the competition, reports.

Hope Styazhkina from FSUE Automation won first place and a cash prize of approximately $969. Second place went to Elena Antipina from JSC PPM Vector, along with a cash prize of approximately $646. Svetlana Smolnikova from JSC PO Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant won third place and a cash prize of approximately $323.

"I am pleased that the competition by the best specialists of the highest caliber, the best in the area, and attract our students," Mikhail Kuznetsov, the director of the Yekaterinburg Automation College, said, according to

The participants in the contest demonstrated knowledge of theory and technical ability with the installation of power transformers, capacitors, ICs, resistors, transistors and a diode matrix onto a circuit board.

The ceremony for winners of the regional Glorify the Working Man competition will be held in November in the Palace of Youth in Yekaterinburg, according to