Monday, June 18, 2018

Yekaterinburg examines reasons for public transportation fare increase

The committee for the development of infrastructure and housing in the Sverdlovsk region is examining why the Regional Energy Commission decided to increase the fares for public transportation to 74 cents starting October 1.

The members of the legislative assembly of the Sverdlovsk region asked Vladimir Grishanov, the chairman of the REC, to provide reasons for the fare increase. Grishanov said that the growth of municipal carriers, an increase in fuel costs and a 20 percent loss of passenger traffic contributed to the fare increase, European-Asian News reports.

The committee determined that the data given by Grishanov was not complete enough to draw conclusions for a justified fare increase and agreed that it would form a special working group to return to the issue at a later time.

The REC also prepared a proposal for the state regulation of tariffs to the legislative assembly. Vladimir Konkova, a deputy of the legislative board, will work on the documentation.

The fare increase for public transportation is slightly less for the users of non-cash payment methods. Transportation users that utilize the EKARToy or EKARTam pay approximately three cents less per ride by using the electronic methods of payment. A new tariff plan could also reduce the prices even lower if a passenger purchases a multiple-ride plan, reports.