Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg opens military hazing case

The chief military investigation department of the Russian Federation has opened a criminal case against two soldiers deployed in the Sverdlovsk region suspected of abusing colleagues.

Teymur Mammadov and Elbrusa Musayev, two soldiers from the Caucasus Republic in military unit 61423, allegedly assaulted and hazed their fellow company members, Interfax reports.

"The criminal case was filed against members of the military unit 61423 in the Sverdlovsk region of ordinary Teymur Mammadov and Elbrusa Musayev," the investigation department said, according to Interfax.

On August 10, the two soldiers allegedly woke their company personnel, assaulted 16 soldiers and wrote the nationalities of the soldiers on their backs in shaving cream. The nationalities included Gyanza, Azerbaijani and Dagestani. The soldiers allegedly did this to emphasize the weakness of the non-Caucasus members of the company.

The criminal case has been filed under Criminal Code article 282, incitement to hatred or hostility and humiliation of human dignity, and article 335, violation of the regulations on personal relations in the absence of subordination between a group of two or more persons.

"Currently under investigations, to establish all the circumstances of the incident," the central investigative board said, according to Interfax.
"(The) criminal investigation is continuing."