Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sixty percent of Yekaterinburg public transportation users pay cash

Despite efforts by Yekaterinburg's municipal transport company to decrease its fares for non-cash users, approximately 60 percent of passengers still paid their fare in cash in September.

More and more residents of Yekaterinburg have been using the company's non-cash methods of payment, such as the EKARToy and the EKARTam. In September, approximately five million people used the EKARToy to pay for their ride and 1.4 million passengers used the EKARTam. The majority, 10.9 million passengers, however, continued to use cash to pay the fare, reports.

On October 1, the Regional Energy Commission of the Sverdlovsk region increased the cost of public transportation marginally to approximately 74 cents if passengers pay with cash. The fare goes down to approximately 71 cents if passengers use an electronic method for payment. The price increase will not go into effect until November 15, in part because not all transportation vehicles accept electronic payment yet.

The city's public transportation department approved a new tariff plan on Tuesday that further reduces the cost of using electronic payment methods. This will allow passengers that purchase a larger ride plan to receive lower transportation costs for each individual trip, according to

The city of Yekaterinburg has received numerous complaints from citizens requesting that prices be lowered.