Sunday, July 15, 2018

Utility service regulations change in Yekaterinburg

Alex Kozhemyako, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg's housing and utilities department, spoke on Thursday about the recent changes in public utilities laws.

Kozhemyako said that government regulations have changed for the calculation and payment of utility services, the dates for removal and transfer of meter readings, and the standard sanitation, water and electricity rates, Mir66 reports.

The many different changes have the city's administration and management companies seeking understanding for the slow but sure implementation of the new system. The deputy head warned residents that omissions and errors could occur while utilities make changes to their systems, but said that the issues would be promptly addressed by his department.

Helen Beresnevu, the deputy director of ICC, said that a Yekaterinburg resident may now call the department on all issues, according to Mir66.

Management companies are also required to give residents an explanation of all calculation and payment changes.