Saturday, July 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg municipal elections move to September

purchase cialis online uk"alignright size-full wp-image-2708" />Yekaterinburg municipal elections have been moved from March to September in an effort to establish a single day of voting across all of Russia.

The movement corresponds with the signing of a federal law by Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep voting on the same day throughout the country. The law could make it easier for more citizens to vote for local and federal positions. The city electoral commission, the INEC, made the change from March to comply with the new law, BakuToday reports.

The planned March election in the capital of the Urals will allow residents of the city to elect a chairman and deputies of the municipal Duma in September.

Ilya Zakharov, the chairman of the electoral commission, said that the commission was prepared to move the March municipal elections and transfer them to the second Sunday of September, according to BakuToday.

Other new rules related to the federal law will go into effect on the year beginning November 1. Municipalities must establish five year polling stations starting by January 20. By the end of April, members of the commissions for the polling stations will be elected. The decision on who will be appointed as candidates for the Yekaterinburg municipal elections will take place in June.