Saturday, June 23, 2018

Russian government to improve energy efficiency legislation

The Russian government is expected to amend existing legislation in order to improve energy efficiency strategies.

The changes would amend laws that regulate state guarantees to lower the minimum possible credit that regional governments and organizations can take out. They also focus on energy efficiency in the transportation and industrial sectors and replace obligatory energy performance audits with mandatory measures which would reboot the 2009 Energy Efficiency Law, SteelGuru reports.

The 2009 law set a target of cutting the country's energy consumption per unit of GDP by 40 percent compared with 2007 levels by 2020. Additionally, the law required all government agencies to carry out audits of its energy consumption while the regional government was expected to draw up an energy efficiency strategy for their region.

Boosters say energy consumption has fallen 14 percent in the public sector since 2007, though some experts contend that half of the organizations charged with producing an energy audit will fail to do so by the end of the year deadline and that many audits produced so far have been of poor quality and are not suitable for practical use, according to SteelGuru.