Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg police arrest two burglars

Police in the Sverdlovsk region have arrested two Yekaterinburg burglars who committed theft from residents in Yekaterinburg's Chkalovsky and Krasnoturyinsk districts.

The two men allegedly visited the homes of Yekaterinburg residents pretending to be salesmen for dietary supplements and various medical equipment. After the residents let the two men in, one would chat with the resident about health concerns while the other man stole money, property and jewelry, JustMedia reports.

The burglars chose elderly victims in the scheme because they would have many age-related diseases to discuss and are typically willing to politely let strangers into their homes.

While the detained burglars have confessed to the crimes, the police have reason to believe that the duo may have committed more crimes than they have given confessions for, according to JustMedia.