Monday, July 16, 2018

Ural farmers blame pet attacks on chupacabra

Farmers in the Sverdlovsk region are blaming attacks on their animals on the chupacabra, an intelligent and mythological vampiric creature of Caribbean legend.

In one instance, a farmer from a Tyumen village went out to feed his animals and found 40 rabbit carcasses, two dead pigs and 17 chickens. The farmer said he saw the strange creatures stand up on their hind legs and easily jump over the fence that guarded his animals, UralInformByuro reports.

At least five farmsteads have been attacked in nearby villagers in September. One resident of the Tyumen village said that the creature in question is unlikely to be a dog or a wolf.

"I would not say it's a dog, and I would not say it's wolves," Alexander Petrov, said, according to UralInformByuro. "My wife and I went to the door, and they stood up and look at us. What shall we do. Very smart animals, they are more intelligent than man."

A farmer in a Chelyabinsk-area village experienced a similar problem with dozens of dead rabbits in his cages. The latches on the cages were intelligently opened before the rabbits were killed.

"(The latches were closed), it is necessary to make efforts to open up the same way," Elvira Sheremet, a resident of the village, said, according to UralInformByuro. "Everything was open. This is not the dog's yard. If you look at the tracks, it's just a fighter!"

Law enforcement in the area has demanded that all stray dogs be caught, even if residents think that a much more sinister creature is at work.

The mythical chupacabra is thought to have massive hind legs, sharp teeth and short hair. The animal does not eat the flesh of poultry, rabbits and other farm staples, but it has been known to suck their blood, opening the comparison to vampires, according to UralInformByuro.