Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg metro receives no 2013 federal funding

Sverdlovsk region officials are proposing different method to fund the Yekaterinburg metro system after the federal government revealed it would not provide funding for the transportation system.

Deputy Prime Minister Arad Dvorkovich announced on Wednesday that the Federal Council did not elect to allocate funds from the federal budget for the construction of Yekaterinburg metro areas next year, Business Quarter reports.

"In the budget resources for 2013 were not included (for) this resource," Dvorkovich said, according to Business Quarter.

Dvorkovich said that the Russian federal government has decided to shift its focus from committing resources to subway building to moving those resources toward commuter-focused areas.

Transportation Minister Maxim Sokolov proposed that the metro system could be co-financed from the federal budget used for subway construction in Russian cities. While Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's prime minister, said that he was in support of the proposal, he said that the matter required further discussion at a later time, according to Business Quarter.

Medvedev acknowledged that the government would not allocate resources the same way that it has in the past. He said that a compromise needed to be made as best as possible.

"We need to discuss a split," Medvedev said, according to Business Quarter.