Saturday, July 21, 2018

All Yekaterinburg residents now paying for water service

Residents of Yekaterinburg were in for a surprise when they received their September utility bills, after a new rule went into effect requiring all residents to pay for water.

Previously, most residents of the city only paid for water consumption if they lived in a building equipped with a water use monitor. The residents that did not live in equipped buildings only received bills for electricity, UralInformByuro reports.

Irina Bogdanov, a spokesperson for MC REMP UZHSK, said that starting September 1, all residents would pay for water consumption. Bogdanov said that standards had been set for the collective consumption of water payment and that not having a counter would no longer save citizens from having to foot the bill. The utility companies have set standards for each building without a counter.

The rate residents will pay varies depending on whether they have a bathroom with a bathtub and shower or a shower alone. The rate can also change depending on the size of the bathtub. Utility companies will not inspect every apartment but will determine the rates based on what they know about each building, according to UralInformByuro.

Residents who do have a water meter for their building may still end up paying more than the average, particularly if they use water for flowers, to clean driveways and for other non-standard uses.