Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg to host contest for World Food Day

The U.S. Consulate, in coordination with TGIFriday's restaurant, will hold a contest in Yekaterinburg on Tuesday, October 16, to celebrate World Food Day.

The contest will determine the tastiest and healthiest recipes sent to the consulate between now and October 10. In addition to the competition, the consulate will host a master class for 10 students on how to cook American dishes and the importance of food safety.

The winners of the contest will take one of the 10 spots in the master class.

World Food Day was started by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and is celebrated on October 16.

The 2012 World Food Day theme is related to agricultural cooperatives and feeding the world. The theme was chosen to highlight how cooperatives can improve food security and eradicate hunger, according to the FAO website.

The goals of World Food Day include encouraging technical and economic cooperation between developing companies, encouraging the participation of rural people in activities and decisions influencing living conditions, encouraging attention to agricultural food production and stimulating non-governmental, national, bilateral and multilateral efforts to encourage that attention, heightening public awareness of the issue of hunger worldwide, promoting the transfer of technologies to the developing world, and strengthening international and national solidarity in the struggle against malnutrition, hunger and poverty.

The day is also meant to draw attention to achievements in agricultural and food development.