Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg to introduce e-textbooks to schools

Yekaterinburg schools may begin using electronic textbooks in January.

The move was initiated by the Academkniga/Uchebnik publishing house and is supported by city legislators. The deal includes the development of an LCD tablet PC with an eyesight-friendly reader for studying texts. The computer includes access to a special internet portal, Marchmont News reports.

The portal will provide students with a broader culture context and includes some screen adaptations of literary classics. The system can also keep track of student grades and checks students' spelling and grammar.

The developers are hoping to begin integration of the system in the new year. The devices will begin to be rolled out in Yekaterinburg sixth grade classrooms as chosen by the city.

The Academkniga/Uchebnik publishing house will offer training to educate teachers on how to use the system, according to Marchmont News.

The e-textbooks are currently being used in 26 of the 83 Russian regions.