Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg school becomes center of contemporary art

An old zemstvo school in Yekaterinburg located on Dobrolyubova 19a may become the new home of the Ural branch of the Russian Center of Contemporary Art.

The National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow is prepared to contribute approximately $337,000 for the restoration and repair of the building. There is concern, however, that the money may not be enough to fully rehabilitate an old and broken down building, JustMedia reports.

"Of course, you need to look and design documentation, but I've seen a lot of other projects tools in our town," Oleg Bukin, an inspector for the Russian Society for Historic Preservation and Culture, said, according to JustMedia. "And always it is no good for the monument did not end. So I was straining the term 'accommodation.' Everyone treats it as he wishes. For example, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Sverdlovsk region Kurashov believes that, changing the shape of the monument. He admits even partial demolition or superstructure. Although we are confident that the change of floors, attached, even the development of the territory - it is unacceptable. We will deal with what happens to the zemstvo school. Important that all conformity with the law."

Bukin did not say exactly what the museum or the area around it would look like, but added that the preservation society is open to input.